Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to fly my drone as freely as before on 1.1.2023 as a leisure activity in undeveloped terrain.
   A registration of the pilot / drone will be required. The FOCA will also introduce online training and an online test. You will be able to pass these requirements as holder of a UNO or DUE certification. The additional learning effort will be minimal.
What does the 250 g limit for drones mean.
  A drone weighing less than 250 g should still be registered, whether or not there is a camera and the laws are ambiguously defined. We also recommend to take the online test, especially for newcomers, without any previous knowledge. Here too, we recommend an insurance solution with at least CHF 1 million coverage, which meets the general minimum requirements.
What do the different flight zones in the built-up area mean. What does this have to do with the size and weight of the drone.
  The classification was established using projected risk models for potential hazards on the ground and in the air. It represents European law adopted by EASA.
Are aircraft generally still usable for commercial purposes in built-up areas.

This question can be answered with YES, but the aircraft and the pilots must meet certain requirements. 


  • they correspond to a respective designated class classification available from the manufacturer; without CE class classification they are classified as C3 (with corresponding A3 application scenarios)


  • there is a so-called standard scenario in the class of specific operations or SPECIFIC, which corresponds to the corresponding specifications of a defined framework and has been approved by the FOCA


  • the executing company has gone through the certified process, has certified all processes and takes over the risk management independently, for the intended operation The pilots identified in this way will then have a LUC within the company, which can also be purchased separately in the future. A good tool for this is again DUE from SFCD, similar to a 107-333 or-336 in the USA or an RPAS in Spain.
What will the certification UNO and DUE of SFCD bring me in the future. Is it worthwhile to complete such training?
  Learning is never wrong, and of course this must be considered individually. By passing the FOCA examination, you will be granted permission to fly in the OPEN class. With the extended knowledge from the UNO, DUE or DUE+, you extend your competence in the direction of the higher classes, such as SPECIFIC or CERTIFIED. You dive deeper into the matter and your surgical competence is a different one. Through the structure according to ICAO, the knowledge you possess is made traceable. With the help of the Syllabi, an outsider can call up the proven level of knowledge at any time. DUE can be compared with a quality system for semi-professional or professional use and is applied as such.
What does registration with the SFCD offer me in comparison to the registration model of the FOCA.

The aircraft can be returned to its owner in case of loss. Since the registration number has been used to make the aircraft anonymous, your data is not publicly available and your privacy is protected.


  • In July 2020, 3 drones alone were returned to their owners.
  • The FOCA's solution is a basic requirement for the flight, but does not provide any advantage for you and only receives data that could possibly be flying. It is also used for statistical purposes.
  • A possible U-Space solution behaves similarly. The registration will probably have to be done additionally.
Where can I get the knowledge for UNO or DUE?
  The syllabus shows which subjects are tested and to what extent knowledge is required (be it only knowing or explaining or making a synthesis of the learned material). The syllabus was derived from the experience of the glider pilots' sylabus, supplemented by the drone specific topics (technology, aerodynamics, propulsion...). The knowledge is also offered by us to licensed training organisations, other providers and instructors. You can go a long way with an internet research, but it is more time consuming than a course given by instructors.


Map of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I fly everywhere?

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will show you the zones with restrictions for model aircraft and drones and the official aeronautical map of Switzerland.