SFCD pilot licensing


With the licensing the SFCD standards the training level of drone pilots in Switzerland. Authorities, customers, service users and providers can rely on defined skill levels and thus base their business, approval and award processes on standardised definitions throughout Switzerland. As each country currently has its own guidelines and laws for drone operations, SFCD certification is only of significance for Switzerland for the time being. However, developments in neighbouring countries will be closely monitored and taken into account in future certification stages.

The way to the drone pilot with identity card

The ingredient is defined by syllabus per compartment. The procedure and content was adopted from manned aviation (PPL - private pilot licenses) and adapted for the needs and requirements of drone aviation.
On this web platform you can take the theory exam in different levels. There is a free demo exam to adjust depth and difficulty level.

Licensing and the information published here are interesting for:

  • all drone pilots who are interested in licensing through the SFCD
  • all who are interested in the different licensing levels and their contents
  • Authorities and bodies
  • Clients who would like to know which skills licensed drone pilots possess

ATTENTION: This is a further training of the SFCD and not the official examination of the FOCA.

Theory exam UNO

Lizenz UNO

The UNO licensing level contains the following examination subjects.


10 Air law
20 General aircraft knowledge
30 Flight performance and planning
40 Human performance
50 Meteorology
60 Navigation
70 Operating procedure 1
80 Basics of the flight


Licensing path UNO

  • Registration on this website
  • Registration and payment for exam "UNO theory exam"
  • Perform inspection online
  • Members of SFCD will receive the SFCD pilot badge "UNO" by mail if they have passed the UNO-licensing.

Procedure of the theory examination UNO

  • Preconditions: None
  • 40 multiple-choice questions from the subjects according to the overview table
  • Of the 4 possible answers, one is always most correct
  • The level of difficulty of the questions corresponds to the level "Basics".
  • 27min time for online exam (40 sec per question)
  • Passed at 70% correctly answered questions

The UNO examination questions do not contain questions from the following topics

Calculations and formulas

  • Abbreviations and technical aviation terminology
  • All topics concerning the construction of a drone: Materials science, connection technology, circuit, construction and mode of operation of the individual electronic components
  • Units and their conversion

DUE exam

License DUO

The licensing level DUO contains the following examination subjects

The "DUE" pilot has in-depth knowledge in all subjects tested. He is an expert in drone operations and can contribute his experience. In addition to the extended theoretical examination, he has given a practical demonstration of various standard and emergency manoeuvres to an SVZD expert during a flight demonstration.

The licensing level DUE includes the following exam subjects


Subject Number of questions Time
10 Aviation law 30 20 min
20 General knowledge of aviation
80 Basics of the flight
50 33 min
30 Flight performance and flight planning
60 Navigation
50 33 min
40 Human performance 30 20 min
50 Meteorology 30 20 min
70 Operating procedure 1 50 33 min

Licensing costs

  • Costs of the theoretical examination: CHF 20.00 per theoretical subject (the amount is recalculated if the subject is repeated)
  • Cost of practice examination:CHF 50.00
  • total DUE with 6 theoretical exams + 1 practical exam: CHF 170.00
  • Licensing path UNO

Registration on the website

  • Perform the exam online per subject
  • After passing the theoretical examinations, the SVZD examination expert will invite you to take the practical examination (subject 85)
  • Members SVZD will receive the SVZD pilot badge "DUE" by mail if they pass the DUE license
  • Procedure of the theoretical examination DUE

Preconditions: None

  • 6 subjects are tested individually, individual breaks are possible between the subjects
  • or 50 multiple-choice questions per subject
  • the 4 possible answers, one is always the most correct
  • level of difficulty of the questions corresponds to the "Expert" level
  • or 33min time for the online exam per subject (40sec per question)
  • examination passed with 70% correctly answered questions
  • subjects must be passed
  • a subject is not passed, it can be repeated. The examination fee for this subject is due again
  • all subjects are passed the pilot will be contacted for the flight demonstration (subject 85)

Simplified licensing PPL/CPL

Simplified licensing

The simplified licensing PPL/CPL exam contains the following exam subjects

Owners of a valid PPL or CPL man-carrying aircraft license can achieve DUE licensing with a simplified procedure. After presentation of a valid license (PPL(A/H/D), GPL, SPL, CPL(A/H), ATPL), the following examinations are necessary to obtain the SVZD-DUE license:

The exam

The test procedure

You must register to take the theory exams. Click on "register" in the "Login Form" on the right.
After successful login, the licensing menu will appear, where you can register, pay and complete the exams. Payment is made by invoice in advance.

Map of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I fly everywhere?

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will show you the zones with restrictions for model aircraft and drones and the official aeronautical map of Switzerland.