Terms of Use Forum

Terms of Use Forum

Terms of Use Forum

Terms of use 

The forum of the drone association SFCD serves the purpose to exchange and discuss with other users. To ensure that this takes place in a peaceful and orderly manner, the following rules apply to the entire forum. By using the forum, you accept our rules and guarantee that you will not post obscene, vulgar or sexually oriented posts, or posts that otherwise violate applicable law.

In order to guarantee an orderly process, the following rules are mandatory in this forum:

Use of the forums

  • The forum is equipped with a search function. Before you post a question in the forum, check if your question has been asked and answered before.
  • Please use meaningful headings when writing topics. This makes it easier for forum visitors to find posts. 
  • Take your time when writing. Paragraphs and correct upper and lower case letters make it easier to read. It can be uncomfortable to read long paragraphs on the screen and your post will not get the attention it deserves.
  • Select the correct category for your post, so it will be found and read more quickly. Do not publish the same post in different categories. Topics in the wrong categories will be moved to the correct category or even deleted. 


  • Posts in this forum must contain questions or answers about drones or the drone association. Other topics will be deleted by the administrator.


  • Posts by users who fill the forum only with entries without real content will be deleted. Also deleted are links that refer to such entries.


  • The publication of sensitive data is prohibited.
  • Any form of advertising in the forum is prohibited. 
  • Linking to third party products or auctions is prohibited. Excluded from this is the private sale of drones and accessories in the buy and sell section. Commercial sale is prohibited. 


  • References to contents are always to be considered the copyrights. In an unclarified situation the administrator can delete the links without further information.
  • Links to executable files are not allowed. The administrator will delete such entries immediately to protect other users from potentially dangerous downloads.

Behavior in the forum

  • No indecent, harassing or insulting words may be used. In some cases these will be automatically blocked and the entry will not be published. 
  • If problems or dissatisfaction with forum members arise, please use the contact form to clarify the matter.
  • Publishing private messages in public forums can be a criminal offence.
  • Insults, illegal links and contents as well as other disturbances of the discussions are to be omitted and will be removed by the moderators without prior notice.
  • Nicknames that are insulting or offensive or protected are prohibited
  • Prohibited are also contributions with extremist, racist and pornographic content as well as any content that violates applicable law.
  • If someone stands out by repeatedly disturbing the general order in the forum and does not change his behaviour even after repeated requests by the moderators, appropriate measures will be taken.
  • This is a public forum of the Drone Association SFCD and is therefore subject to Swiss jurisdiction. This means that posted content must comply with current law and may not violate personal rights.

User names

  • When registering, the full name (first name, last name) must be entered in the name field.
  • A nickname may be used as a username.
  • Nicknames that violate the law are not allowed.
  • Registered trademarks or names of celebrities are not allowed.
  • Usernames that are part of a URL are allowed, as long as they do not violate the law. In addition, the user names may not contain an automatic link.
  • For discussions in the member area, clear names are desired as user names in the form first name/last name. If a member discusses with an imaginary user name, the contributions must be "signed" with the member's own name. 

Images and avatar

  • Images and avatars may only be published if the necessary rights are available.

Guidelines for the contents

  • Attacks on persons/management/companies are prohibited.
  • No entries with pictures or links to right-wing extremist/illegal/pornographic sites may be created.
  • No links to auction houses (eBay, Ricardo, Tutti etc.) may be included. The exception is an additional link to the same private offer in the "Buy / Sell" section.

Private messages

  • Private messages are exclusively for private or non-public topics. The same rules apply as in the forum.

Commercial Advertising

  • Commercial advertising is not allowed and will be deleted by the moderator. Zugelassen sind Links auf die entsprechenden kommerziellen Werbungen auf der Homepage des SVZD. Also the advertising of non-commercial sites should be discussed with the moderator/association first.

Violations of these rules (warnings, suspensions, changes, deletions and closures)

  • Those who break the rules will be admonished.
  • Anyone who continues to violate the rules despite a warning can be excluded from the forum temporarily or completely.
  • If posts contain insulting or illegal content, the administrator reserves the right to change or delete them without notice
  • Anyone who repeatedly or deliberately violates the rules must expect to be excluded from the forum temporarily or even for life.
  • Topics and posts that violate these rules will be deleted without comment.
  • Personal differences are to be settled exclusively by e-mail, outside the forum system.


  • When creating new topics or contributions, users of the forum must ensure that no copyrighted material is published without stating the source. When using pictures and graphics, care must be taken to ensure that a corresponding illustration reference is always inserted or that the rights holder is contacted.

Privacy policy

  • All data collected on this website is treated in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. Personal data can only be passed on to third parties with the express written consent of the person concerned. Further information on data protection can be found in the data protection regulations (https://www.drohnenverband.ch/en/legal-issues/privacy-policy) of the SFCD drone association.


  • Written contributions reflect only the opinion of the respective author, but not the opinion of the operators. Only the author is responsible for the correctness of the information. Each visitor is solely liable for the contributions he or she has entered. This includes texts, links, photos and all other types of files. The rights of third parties may not be violated. The user indemnifies the operators of the forum from claims of third parties. Messages that violate the terms of use or applicable law will be deleted immediately by the moderators of the drone association or their representatives, as soon as they are informed or pointed out by others. The contributions of the users are not reviewed by the operators before publication. The provided forum system works in real-time mode. It is therefore not possible for the moderators of the drone association to exercise direct control over posted entries. Nor can it be guaranteed that all entries will be automatically investigated by SFCD for possible violations of the above mentioned points.

Severability clause

  • If parts or formulations of the imprint, the board rules, the liability and copyright as well as the data protection are not complete, or no longer comply with applicable law, the rest of these rules remain unaffected. 
  • The use of these forum rules, in whole or in part, is not permitted without prior consent of the Swiss Association of Civil Drones.

The forum operator

Swiss Drone Association for Civil UAVs SVZD/FSDC/SFDC
20 July 2020

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