Drone registration

Drone registration

The following objectives are pursued with the registration of drones:

The following objectives are pursued with the registration of drones For the holder aircraft ID Insurance advantages Basis…


Logbook entry

According to the code of conduct, keeping a logbook is mandatory. Here we give you the opportunity to create this in an online tool.


Pilot licensing


With the licensing the SFCD standards the training level of drone pilots in Switzerland. Authorities, customers, service users and providers can rely on defined skill levels and thus base their

The way to the drone pilot with identity card The ingredient is defined by syllabus per compartment. The procedure and content was adopted from manned aviation…

Test Exam

Examination material

This test tests your basic knowledge of leading a drone. Each question has 40 seconds. At the end of the test they will be informed of the result.

The theory tests were based on the existing and recognised model of private pilot licence tests. The Education Commission of the SVZD defines a syllabus for each subject…


Examinations UNO and DUE

With the purchase of this article you receive the following benefits:

UNO and DUE Activation of the official online exam on the SFCD Exam Portal Examination administration and entry in the online list of UNO pilots…


Download Syllabus

Downloads On 25.01.2018 a new version of the Syllabus documents was published. The checks will be done until March 2018 according to the old syllabus. From March…
Map of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I fly everywhere?

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will show you the zones with restrictions for model aircraft and drones and the official aeronautical map of Switzerland.