Where can I fly?

Safe flying of a drone

Drones are remotely controlled, usually very small aircraft. They are subject to the same legislation as model aircraft. In principle, drones weighing less than 30 kilograms may be operated without

We wish you a lot of fun and always a safe flight. Regulations and general questions relating to drones

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct appeals to professional and respectful treatment of the environment and people. Drone pilots always adhere to the legal regulations and executions As a drone pilot I do not

Correct behaviour with the drone Drone pilotes always adhere to the statutory provisions and designs As a dronist, I don't fly without authorization:…

Drone regulation

Drone regulation

Switzerland will take over the new European drone regulation. From this date, drone pilots will be obliged to register.

Switzerland takes over EU drone regulation The FOCA has begun implementing the European regulation. This will enable drone pilots to fly according to the same…

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The link collection should help you to find all important information about drones as easy as possible.

Membership SFCD

You are a drone pilot and want to develop yourself further? Then become a SFCD member.

Benefit from the numerous advantages As a member you benefit from Be part of the drone community in Switzerland Forum for exchange…

SFCD Company members

Company members

Become a member as a company.

Those who actively participate will find new and interesting contacts For companies who would like to benefit from the flexible company services, the company membership…


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The Swiss Association of Civil Drones is a member of various associations and committees. Here you will find a list of the various partners.

Those who actively participate can also make a difference Through its membership and cooperation in the various associations and committees, SFCD has the opportunity…
Map of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I fly everywhere?

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will show you the zones with restrictions for model aircraft and drones and the official aeronautical map of Switzerland.