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New drone regulation

For the time being, the existing national law applies to drones in Switzerland.

Link drone regulation BAZL

FAQ Drone regulation 2020

New Administrative Board UVS

Martin Kellerhals on the Board of Directors of UVS International

The General Assembly UVS- International (Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) has elected our President, Martin Kellerhals, to the Board of Directors.

  • The new Board of Dir...

The European UAS Regulation

The Specific Category

New EASA document.

SFCD is a member of UVS International since 2015


EIS International

  • The name of the association is: Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, hereinafter also referred to as "Unmanned Vehicle Systems International": "UVS Inter...

Terms of Use Forum

Terms of use 

The forum of the drone association SFCD serves the purpose to exchange and discuss with other users. To ensure that this takes place in a peaceful and orderly mann...

Terms of use forum

New date General Assembly

New date General Assembly

  • Saturday 6 June 2020 at Hotel Arte in Olten

details will follow later

Important information to members

We are closely following the announcements of the federal and cantonal authorities and will - if necessary from an epidemiological point of view - communicate whether and, if so, u...

Vision for the Swiss airspace of the future

The vision adopted at the end of 2019 paints a picture of the future that includes all current and future airspace users. Thanks to a flexible architecture, new user needs and tech...

European regulation of drones

Switzerland adopts EU drone regulation

Switzerland will adopt the new European drone regulation. It will come into force from June 2020. From this date onwards, drone pilots will be required to register. 

Map of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I fly everywhere?

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will show you the zones with restrictions for model aircraft and drones and the official aeronautical map of Switzerland.