Update "New drone regulation as of 01 January 2021

Delegate Regulation (EU) 2019/945 has been in force in the EU (excluding Switzerland) since summer 2019. Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947, on the other hand, should only be applicable - also in the EU - from 1 July 2020.

Due to Corona, however, some member states have called for the applicability of Regulation (EU) 2019/947 to be postponed by six months. The EU has complied with this request and has set the application period to 31 December 2020 in Regulation (EU) 2020/746 (which can also be seen in the title of this regulation).

Switzerland had planned to adopt the new EU regulation also on 1 July 2020, and the FOCA had also already prepared the necessary steps. Adopting EU law, some of which is not yet applicable, would have led to gaps in regulation due to the necessary legal adjustments and coordination with national legislation. For this reason, the FOCA decided to stop national efforts to adopt the new EU law after the EU communicated its decision. Instead, it is now also working towards adopting EU law by the beginning of 2021.

The information published under the heading "new drone regulation" on the FOCA website effectively concerns the upcoming regulation. Since many questions arise in this regard and the FOCA would like to inform the public about the new regulations at an early stage, a great deal of useful information concerning the new EU regulation can be found there and in the associated FAQs. The other subpages provide information on the regulations that are still in force (including information on permits or a link to the "drone card"). The FOCA will soon also present a completely revised version of its website, which will present the information more clearly and in accordance with the needs of the respective operators.

The new regulation provides for pilot registration, online training and online testing for most applications in the open category. Swiss legislation does not currently provide for an obligation to train drone pilots. The completion of courses and tests has so far been based on the voluntary participation of the respective pilots (this includes our association-internal drone registration, UN and DUE training and pilot licensing. With the adoption of the EU regulation, Switzerland must be able to demonstrate a training solution that includes online training and an online examination. Unfortunately, the courses and certificates already acquired voluntarily cannot be recognised in principle during the changeover to the new system. However, care will be taken in the future solution to ensure that it is as cost-effective as possible for the open category and that it is not time-consuming.

The Board of Directors has decided to continue the internal threat registration, UN and DUE training and the internal pilot licensing UN and DUE in addition to the FOCA requirements in accordance with the strategy SVZD 2021.

This in the sense of a differentiation regarding quality and risk management as well as the return of a lost drone to its owner. The UNO and DUE training and examinations are additional training courses and are also required for various professional applications such as REDOG missions.

If you have any further questions, please contact the board directly and personally. 

The Board provides information on our website under "News", where we also always update the current status according to Info BAZL.

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