Vision for the Swiss airspace of the future


The vision adopted at the end of 2019 paints a picture of the future that includes all current and future airspace users. Thanks to a flexible architecture, new user needs and technologies will be integrated much more rapidly in the future. In terms of costs, the new system must also meet high standards of efficiency and transparency. Ultimately, the impact on the environment should be as small as possible.

In the next phase, "Strategy", steps must now be defined that are aligned with the vision. The aim is to develop a model description of Switzerland's future airspace and aviation infrastructure system. In view of the complexity and the various dimensions that have to be taken into account, this is a demanding task that will take some time. 

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Map of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I fly everywhere?

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will show you the zones with restrictions for model aircraft and drones and the official aeronautical map of Switzerland.